CITIZEN light energy 40 anniversary World Tour debut Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

since 1976, CITIZEN's first solar powered pointer quartz watch since the advent of light kinetic energy technology has gone through 40 years. To celebrate the milestone of the year, CITIZEN in the world's seven international airports held Eco-Drive Lounge theme tour. Following the Dubai, Singapore, the tour officially landed in China in December, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport terminal 2, the terminal began a month long exhibition.

in the middle of the 1970s energy crisis, CITIZEN developed light energy core technology, through the absorption of any visible light, including natural and artificial light, provide lasting power to watch the conversion operation for power. Forty years, replica watches continues to break the innovation and expansion of technology frontier, launched a series of thinner, smaller, lighter light energy watch, explore and create to make the world a better place all possible.

combined with the 40 anniversary of light energy theme, design the "Eco-Drive Lounge" global theme tour ShangHai Railway Station follows the Basel fair this year on the creative concept, with the silver and gold movement pattern as the background, show CITIZEN thinking of light and time in the future.

in order to commemorate the 40 anniversary of the birth of the kinetic energy of light, CITIZEN also launched a series of special features and advanced technology of fine watches, the tour has also appeared. Eco-Drive One is the anniversary of the 40 anniversary of the optical kinetic energy watches, through the movement of each component and structure to be redesigned to achieve an unprecedented ultra-thin experience.

"One" means the watch is only 1 mm thick. The display panel and the internal components of time have been compressed to the extreme, in case a slim 2.98 mm. Staring at the watch, you will feel that time is beyond the physical form of the watch. Only 1 mm of space, but full of CITIZEN infinite passion and creativity, fully embodies the leading position in the field of CITIZEN's kinetic energy as well as the global number of integrated watchmaking professional strength.


fusion technology and beauty more than Eco-Drive One, says the wind · series of the same model called the hazy moon. The series invited to the famous Japanese architect Fujimoto Sosuke and fashion reporter Sheng Fang Fang as a consultant. In replica watches online addition to the main power to "light" do watch outside, into the West array of Japanese traditional craft fabric and lacquer design representative of this series is still in fashion, so watch out from inside another guanghua.

CITIZEN has always been adhering to the "Better Starts Now" brand concept, namely, no matter who you are, no matter what kind of achievements have, always firmly believe that the future is still possible to make the world better, but this moment is the beginning. The light energy achievements for the last 40 years, showing the strength of enterprises and technological ingenuity CITIZEN's powerful visitors to full range, which is CITIZEN set "brand spirit