The white nature reveals full moon phase watch Luo slender Jacques de chant in praise of beauty

full moon phase watch Luo Jacques de chant in praise of beauty

as the watch making industry worthy of the name initiative, yakedeluo moon watch in date, month, year remaining, available to all astronomers, explorers and artists by the moonphase display. On the dial, a nineteenth Century China engraving inspired by the moon to show naughty smiley faces on the disc after. The moon in the early morning hours day in and day out, indicating the latest phase of the moon, with its unique form of guarding this extraordinary timepiece. Watch with excellent mechanical performance, pleasing visual enjoyment, to show its incomparable pure ultimate beauty. Eight stars embellished, the lucky number inspired by the watch factory, but also from the star logo yakedeluo precious.

pearl moon (THE ECLIPSE MOTHER-OF-PEARL) watch

ivory THE ECLIPSE big fire enamel watch IVORY The Eclipse Ivory Enamel ENAMEL the Seiko watches complex visual feast, with endless luxury. Week and month display window are located in the upper part of the dial, and a head crescent elegant serpentine pointer, along the circle indicates the date of digital red gold watchcase. Fine is the hour and minute hand along the same route turning taper >