Eddie leidemeini attended OMEGA Losangeles enjoy dinner to celebrate the glory of the moment


(OMEGA) in "star cradle" the glory of Losangeles to celebrate the world's first observatory to watch OMEGA constellation series statue watch grand release


OMEGA constellation series watch the advent of tyrants, not only to write a glorious moment in the history of the development of the brand, but also marks the OMEGA after a long period of challenges after the opening of the tabulation of the new era of technology.

perfect chronometer testing standard by the Swiss Confederation Institute of Metrology (METAS) established the absolute independence, requires extremely stringent, accept each watch certification should be in ten days by eight precision detection. Constellation series watch watch is the world's first through the detection of certified OMEGA watches.

has been the British actor Eddie? Leidemeini because of its bold characters and classic fashion sense and world-renowned. He himself is not only the OMEGA constellation series of noble watch faithful fans, but also for the brand of traditional Swiss watchmaking tradition and spirit. On the day of the event, Eddie wearing the OMEGA constellation watch series of noble watch elegant debut, and we share his generous cooperation with OMEGA and the extraordinary love of the clock:

"historical accumulation makes the traditional watch more than a romantic feeling, let a person feel the sincerity and sincerity of the brand. I really appreciate the brand tradition of OMEGA, whether it is a watch designed for the air force, or the first landing on the moon, there is an inspiring story behind it. I think OMEGA's brand story is unmatched."

Eddie also talked about OMEGA's classic style to make him more comfortable in the public, as an actor, we need to attend a lot of activities, and often on the red carpet debut. OMEGA watch classic and modern style, wearing it makes me feel very confident. It's so natural that I don't have to worry about it."


product development and customer service vice president Mr. Monashan and celebrity brand ambassador Eddie leidemeini


atmosphere is very warm, guests can not only close contact with the Oscar's best actor, but also to enjoy the close-up of the OMEGA constellation watch series watch PA. Through the site OMEGA watchmakers demo, guests can further experience the super antimagnetic performance and precise statue PA watch charm.

Ou Kehua, President of

global OMEGA (Stephen Urquhart) at the scene to praise the young, full of wisdom and self-restraint brand ambassador, I am very pleased to be able to join us today, Eddie. He is a man of great sincerity, which is very beautiful."


not only enjoy dinner to celebrate the world's first observatory to form a grand release, the beginning is the OMEGA glory presents its constellation statue of tyrants watch. At present, many of OMEGA's watch series has been accepted by the stringent METAS certification. The future, OMEGA will continue to launch more new leading watchmaking industry quality standard timepiece pierre.